Bagpipe Paintings: The Bagpiper of Exeter

I would like to thank Keith Barker of Devon, England for his correspondence and for providing me with these amazing pictures of inside the Minstrel's Gallery at Exeter Cathedral. Without his help these images would not be able to be viewed by the masses. I would also like to credit the Dean and Chapter of Exeter Cathedral. The rest I will put in Keith's words.

"The Minstrel's Gallery is on the north side of the nave of Exeter Cathedral. As far as we know, the effigies were carved locally (i.e. in the West of England) in about 1350. They are in stone- probably limestone- and are fairly crudely carved compared with others of the same date. The gallery is still used by sections of our choir in big services- for examply the trebles sing from it in the main Christmas Day carol service. It is quite deep, and will hold twenty people at least. Access to it is by a steep spiral staircase."

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Effigy of the bagpiper before restoration in 1976

Effigy of the bagpiper after restoration in 1976

West side of the Minstrel's Gallery after restoration

East side of the Minstrel's Gallery after restoration