La Ferté Loupière (Yonne)

Church Saint Germain

La Ferté Loupière is only at 30 km to the North-West of the town of Auxerre, in the north of the area of Puisaye, in the valley of the river Vrin.


The building of the church dates from the beginning of the 12th century. The murals date from the 16th century. They were hidden under white paint and they were discovered in September 1910 by the marquis of Tryon-Montalembert and the abbot Mertens. Work of restoration started in 1912. The classification dates since the same time.


On the northern wall of the nave, the Dance of Death is represented on the 2nd and 3rd bays. From the left to the right: under an arch, a sitted author writes on a parchment. Three skeletons playing music, the first one the bagpipe, the second one a portable organ and the third one the harp. Then 19 pairs follow of dead and alive.